Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of use given applies to all services ogaVenue offers, both directly and indirectly.
ogaVenue provides Services that allows an individual or corporate body search and book for event venues.
The Services provided by ogaVenue (the “Services”) are not limited to the above only.
Venue Booking is the booking of an event venue by an individual or corporate body by paying a stipulated fee.
Cash payment for any of the venues booked on ogaVenue are non-refundable 3 months to the event date.
Deposit payments made online on the platform or through a payment partner of ogaVenue to book an event venue with the savings plan or a similar plan, unless otherwise stated, are non-refundable.
This terms and condition can be reviewed without prior notice.
Oga Web Surf Ltd is the company maintaining the event venue booking services on this website and any of its partners or group or associated companies.
Venue Provider refers to the venue (not limited to organisations that go by ‘Venue’ only, but also applies to ‘gardens’, ’restaurant halls’, ‘hotel halls’, ‘apartments’, ‘school fields’, ‘convention grounds’, 'prayer grounds’ and ‘church halls’) that is advertised on ogaVenue regardless of whether or not a signed deal exists between us.
Conditions refers to these General Conditions of Use, including the Privacy Policy.
Cost Contribution is the cost implication of renting an event venue. This cost is set by the venue provider and is to be paid by the venue rental.
Event Host is the person using this website to search for an event venue.
Member is a person who is either searching for a venue, a venue provider or who uses this website in any other way.
User Account is an account opened in this website by a member and is used to access the Service provided by this website.
The Terms and conditions may be revised and modified occasionally, hence, it is advised not to familiarise yourself with them at any point in time, but review them every time you use any of our services.
Our Services apply to everything provided online, by email, telephone or by direct contact with our officers.
You accept that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions, if and when you make use of our services in any way.