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About Nairobi
Nairobi comes from the Maasai name Enkare Nai'robe meaning a place of cool waters in reference to the Nairobi river. Ranked as county 047, Nairobi is the Capital city of Kenya. It was founded in the 1890s as a British camp on the Mombasa - Uganda Railway and become a city in 1907.

It is the third smallest of all the 47 Kenyan counties but with the highest population of about 4million people. It is the second largest city by population in the African Great Lakes after Daresalam in Tanzania and the 10th largest city in Africa.
Nairobi has two nicknames "The Green city in the sun" this is due to the city's green foliage and warm climate and "Safari Capital of the world" due to its prominence as a safari hub. It is the only city that has a National Park within it that is, the Nairobi National Park.

It can be said to be a multicultural city as it has people from all the 43 Kenyan tribes living and working there as well as a large number of foreigners. The presence of the different tribes and races in the county has brought about diversity in terms of the culture, food, and language within the county.

The main languages used among the residence are Kiswahili (Swahili) and English. The youth, however, have their own slang known as "Sheg". This is a cant that is a mix of English and Swahili words. It evolves quite fast and words are moved in and out quite often. The slang was originally thought of as a language of the poor or rather the 'slum' dwellers since it originated in the Eastlands part of the city but recently it has been noted to be used even by those that are doing quite well in society, It has spread to the neighboring countries Tanzania and Uganda and been adopted in the radio stations as a way of attracting more young listeners.

The food among the people in Nairobi is also quite diverse. This has been influenced by the different traditional foods from the different tribes and nationalities in the county. There are a number of traditional food restaurants in the county as well as fast food restaurants that serve fries commonly known as "chips" among the youth. There has been a growth in the number of foreigners setting up restaurants that serve foreign foods such as Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine.

The county is widely known for its Matatu culture. These are the main means of public transportation in the county. The matatus fill the city playing loud music each matatu louder than the next one. The exterior of the Matatus is usually drawn in graffiti-style artwork, custom designs, flashy lights and onboard entertainment complete with screens to attract passengers.

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