Busua Beach Resort Hall

250 Guests
Hotel With Event Hall
250 Guests
Busua Beach Resort Hall
Air Conditioner
Parking Space
Power supply
Rest Room
Theatre 250
Venue Type
Hotel With Event Hall
Our business and conference facilities are large enough to host up to 250 people. We can also accommodate banquets of 250 and over by using our outdoor terrace area. Smaller meeting rooms are ideal for groups of 10 to 40. Our meeting rooms are equipped with Audio-Visual systems, Including Audio systems, microphones, slide, and overhead projectors. VCR's, Vu-graphs, flip-charts, and lecterns are also available on request. Coffee service and a buffet meal can also be arranged for conference delegates.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of chairs does Busua Beach Resort Hall provide?
A: Meeting Chairs.
Q: Is there parking space at Busua Beach Resort Hall?
A: Yes, there is. We have a fairly large compound which can contain a good number of cars.
Q: Does Busua Beach Resort Hall provide power?
A: Yes, we provide maximum of 8 hours constant generator power supply for all events. But your live band and Dj must provide their own source of power.
Q: Does Busua Beach Resort Hall have Restrooms?
A: Yes, we have both male and female Restrooms
Q: What type of flooring does Busua Beach Resort Hall have?
A: Tiles.
Q: Does Busua Beach Resort Hall provide security?
A: Yes we do
Q: Does Busua Beach Resort Hall provide projector?
A: Yes we do
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Busua Beach Resort Hall
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