/Wedding Gift Ideas For A Kenyan Couple

Wedding Gift Ideas For A Kenyan Couple

Now that almost everyone around me is getting engaged and planning a wedding, it means I also have to task myself with buying gifts. I would not like to end up buying the same gift for everyone that will be so petty of me lol. Therefore, I have tasked myself with researching the best gifts and those the bride and groom would totally love. Below is a list of what I found. I hope the list will help you as much as it has helped me.

 Wedding Gift Ideas

Foot the bill for one of the vendors: If you can afford to pay one of the vendors, then this will be a great gift to the couple. They could then use the money in paying for something they might have wanted but did not have extra money for. It’s a win-win you don’t have to look for the special gift and the couple saves some money.


Gift voucher; Instead of trying to figure out what the couple would like, why not get a gift voucher from one of the best shops in town for the couple. That way, they will pick whatever they need, in any case, they are the only ones that know exactly what they want.


Group gift; Sometimes you might know exactly what the couple needs but it’s too expensive to buy alone. Therefore I suggest teaming up with a few of the couples friends and getting it as a group. It can be the latest tv or kitchen equipment.


Second Honeymoon; Why not get the couple a surprise second honeymoon? With the many travel agencies around, I am sure you can find a cost-friendly vacation package for the couple. Make it a surprise and give them the tickets when they come back from their official honeymoon.


If you are currently thinking of the perfect wedding gift in Kenya, I strongly feel any of the four options would work perfectly.

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