/Wedding Etiquette For Guests

Wedding Etiquette For Guests

It pains me to say this but we honestly need to work on our wedding etiquette guys. I have attended a few weddings in my life and the way I have seen some people behave is unacceptable. And in case you find the tips undoable please save the couple the embarrassment and stay away from their wedding, are we together? Okay let’s begin, shall we?

Wedding Etiquette

No RSVP; I actually do not think people know that they are supposed to RSVP once they receive the invitation cards. This is important as it helps the couple plan accordingly for the expected number of guests. You do not want to be the guest that does not have a place to sit at the reception.


Bringing an uninvited plus one; I do not have to tell you that times are hard. And so when a couple is planning their wedding, most of the time they want to stick to a specific budget. And ensure the resources are enough for the invited guests any deviation from that might lead them to spend more than they intended to. Need I remind you that some vendors like caterers actually charge extra for every extra plate served. Well if you did not know how you know to be responsible and leave those uninvited guests at home.


Skipping the ceremony; I am sure we are all guilty of this at some point. Most of us want to skip the ceremony and attend the reception. This is not right guys, what is the point of going to enjoy the food yet you did not attend the main event? I feel that if at any point you feel like doing this you might as well just skip the entire wedding and stay home.


Getting competitive about the bouquet toss; Oh boy, I have a hilarious story related to this but I will save it for another day. Seriously tho’ ladies, it is never that serious it is just a bunch of flowers nothing supernatural about catching it so chill have fun trying to catch it, it does not have to be a fight.


Not bringing a gift; Unless the couple says otherwise, then bringing a gift is mandatory. You are not obligated to buy something expensive. It should be something that is within your budget and one that you feel is appropriate in your personal judgement. In return, the couple should be kind enough to send either a thank you email, card or even a text as it makes the guests feel appreciated.


Posting pictures on social media; I am sure this point will not be taken very well by many. And I honestly feel that in this age of social media, we have forgotten this rule as guests. It is advisable not to post any wedding pictures on social media and wait for the couple to do it first. Then when it comes to taking the pictures, ensure that you do not get in the way of the official photographers. I am not saying that you should not take pictures at all, we need to capture those fun moments but responsibly.


Criticizing the wedding details; This is to all the wedding police out there. Yes you there, keep your unwanted comments about the wedding to yourself. If it is not positive it is not welcomed. It is not your wedding so what you think is wrong with the food or decor or even the ceremony does not really matter as long as the couple is happy then we are happy.


Dress code; Kenyan men come closer we need to talk about those jeans that you like to wear to weddings. Kindly leave them at home for a more appropriate occasion. Even when the invitation says that the wedding is not a black tie, try and dress appropriately. You can opt to wear some khaki pants. They always come in handy when you have no idea what else you can wear. Lastly, ladies leave white dresses to the bride. It is the bride’s day so let the girl shine.

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