/5 Ways To Host An Alcohol Free Wedding

5 Ways To Host An Alcohol Free Wedding

Most couples and wedding guests couldn’t imagine a celebration without free-flowing alcoholic beverages, but for those with religious or financial objections to serving alcohol, a “dry” wedding may seem like the best option. There are many reasons that someone would choose to have a dry wedding. Some choose to skip the alcohol due to religious reasons, reasons surrounding recovering alcoholics, to avoid potentially disastrous situations, or even to save money.

Here is a guide to help you decide if a dry wedding is for you and ideas on how to move forward when planning.

5 Ways To Host An Alcohol-Free Wedding

Venue; Some of the most fun and scenically unique or interesting venues prohibit alcohol. Recreational parks, nature preserves, lakes, beaches, and public squares, many of which prohibit alcohol, can provide one-of-a-kind settings in which to celebrate your exchange of vows, only without the booze. What’s key is to find a venue that in and of itself offers the enjoyment of some kind, just as it says something unique about you.


Time; Schedule your ceremony at a time when people are least inclined to drink. Morning and early afternoon are generally better times.  You can then point them in the direction of a fancy coffee bar replete with classy, non-alcoholic choices. Or, a fancy mid-afternoon high tea may do the trick. Guests can also then mingle in relaxed conversation over exquisite finger foods and gourmet teas, with hardly a moment’s notice that the tea isn’t spiked or that happy hour is an hour away.


Music; Hire a good MC and/or DJ who can keep the tone upbeat and interactive. Don’t underestimate the importance of this role. The right person should be able to engage guests with humor. Move the festivities along smoothly. Choose familiar hits that your guests will dance to, and yet not intrude on the festivities.


Comedy; If your guests are laughing, chances are, they’ll be having fun. What that may look like can vary widely, based on your preferences. Got a love of stand-up comedy? consider hiring a local comedian to be your MC and to do a short routine. Goofiness can be funny — and, as the word itself implies, “funny” includes fun.


Mocktails; Above all, non-alcoholic drinks can be anything but boring. If a pomegranate mojito or apple, elderflower and mint sparkle doesn’t strike your fancy, maybe a blood orange punch or tropical fizz will. You might even ask an ambitious bartender to create a signature virgin drink for you and your groom.


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