/Unique Wedding Moments Every Photographer Must Capture

Unique Wedding Moments Every Photographer Must Capture

In every wedding, there must be a photographer and I am not talking of the self-made photographers with smartphones. No, the professional photographers that will capture every moment perfectly. However, for you to have the best pictures, you need to choose an excellent photographer. And also, if you are a photographer, there are certain shots in the wedding that you need to ensure you take. These are the unique moments in a wedding that will have the couple reminiscing whenever they look at the pictures.


Below is a list of the unique moments every Photographer must capture 


The wedding dress; The dress is one of the key items of focus at any wedding. Therefore the shot needs to be taken beautifully. The shot often calls for the dress to be hanging from a spot that will bring out the uniqueness of the dress. Depending on the location, one can choose to take the picture indoors or outdoors. For example, if you chose to take the picture outside, you can hang it on a tree making the white from the dress stand out from the green and brown in the surrounding.


Getting ready; Ensure that you capture those precious moments of the bride and the groom getting ready. This is your first interaction with them and you need to assure them that they made the right choice to choose you as their wedding photographer. While with the bride, you can take shots of her accessories, those special moments of laughter with her bridesmaids, capture her face after her makeup has been done. This applies to the groom’s side. These shots will help the couple share their wedding morning together and see the excitement each other had before heading off to the wedding venue.


Bride walking down the aisle; This is the most emotional and most beautiful part of all weddings. Ensure that you capture the moment the bride walks down the aisle and the look on the grooms face as he sees her in her wedding dress for the first time. The look on the groom’s face is always priceless. This moment is special and the couple will always be a moment to remember.


The first kiss; You may kiss the bride moment is always exceptional. It is the couple’s first kiss as a husband and wife. As a photographer, you should always be ready to take this shot since you have less than 3 seconds to do it.


The first dance; This is another first must have shot. The dance is always during the reception, jump on that dance floor with the couple and try as much as possible to capture every moment to bring out the best of the moment.


The bridal party; These are the individuals that have stood by the couple as they prepare for the wedding. They have been with them through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with planning a wedding. They comprise of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. And also, most photographers opt for pictures of the entire group together. However, it is always recommended that they also take pictures of the bride and the groom’s men and the groom and the bridesmaids.


The after party/reception; Some people prefer just the reception to the after party, while others combine the two into just the after party. Whatever the case, this is always one of the best moments of a wedding. Everyone lets loose and has a great time. There is a lot of dancing and here is where the guests want to take pictures with the newly-weds. Ensure to capture every moment here.

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Photo Credit: @katzphotographykenya