/7 Tips On How To Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

7 Tips On How To Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

Okay so now we have helped you pick a maid of honor right? Okay once you have picked the maid of honor, then picking the rest of the bridesmaids should have been easy. Now the other challenging part is picking the bridesmaids dresses. This decision is quite challenging since you need dresses to complement your own wedding dress. Expect a lot of opinions from the bridesmaids. However, know that it is your day and you get to make the ultimate decision.

 There are a few things you need to consider when choosing bridesmaids dresses. Below is a list of what you need to consider in order to make the best decision.

Tips On Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses 

Dress style and body type; The most important thing is to understand that each bride’s maids have a unique body type. So, therefore, you need to choose a style that is universal when it comes to fitting the body types. The perfect example is an A-line dress. You can also let the maids pick their own dresses but not before you give them a clear guideline that will ensure that each dress will coordinate with the other as well as with your wedding dress.


Chose a comfortable fabric; When choosing the fabric, keep in mind that the maids are going to have these dresses on an entire day and maybe even for half the night. Therefore you need to select a fabric that is comfortable and that goes well with the weather of the season when you will be having the wedding.


Do not be a pushover; As much as you hold the ultimate decision, it does not mean that you do not consider their opinions. Take a moment and listen to their ideas and share yours too so that in the end you will all be in agreement with the decision.


Consider your own wedding dress; The best way to do this before deciding on the bride maids dresses would be to print out pictures of your dress and those that you are considering to have for the maids and place then side by side and see how they compliment each other. Another tip is in case your dress is busy with a lot of detail on it, then it would be better to keep the maids dresses simply.


Seek inspiration; In this day and age of Pinterest, you can get all the inspiration you need. You can get two or three style ideas from Pinterest that you like. Combine them and come up with a unique style that will suit all your maids as well as compliment your dress. You do not have just to copy and paste, use your imagination.


Price; As the bride, you need to consider the price each brides maid will have to incur in purchasing the dress. The same way you and the groom are working on a budget, set a reasonable budget for the maids to ensure that each bridesmaid is comfortable with the price and that the dress quality is good and up to standards.


Color; You need to understand that not all colors suit everyone’s skin tone. Pick a color that each bride maid will be comfortable in and actually look good in.


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