/7 Things Couples Should Do Before Having Kids

7 Things Couples Should Do Before Having Kids

You have had your beautiful wedding and spent the past few weeks in Bali enjoying your honeymoon, now you are back home and wondering what is next in the relationship. Most people will start thinking of having a child within the first year of their marriage. Well, it is a good idea but why don’t I give you another suggestion of what you can do before having kids. Like I always say I am not forcing anyone to follow my uncalled for advice, this is just my own personal opinion.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Having kids is a big transition from your dual income no kids days and therefore you should try as much to enjoy each others company fully before the kids “arrive”.Of course, you will still do some of these things once the “monsters” are here but it will not be with as much vigor as when you were just the two of you.

Here are a few things you can do before having kids.

Travel; I do not need to tell you that you will do less of this once you have kids. Plan random trips to places you always thought of visiting, those amazing places that would be rather hard to travel to with a family. Traveling together amps your romance as a couple and bonds you together in a great way.

Make one of your fantasy come true;  This is by far my favorite one. We all have fantasies, don’t we? Make them come true during this period. It might not need to be all of them but most of them at least. Whether it is the bondage fantasy or having cocktails in Bali in the pool, make it happen it is all worth it in the long run.

Have dates in expensive restaurants; If you can afford it then go for it. Enjoy every minute of being just the two of you and not having too much responsibility. You work hard for your money so why not spend it accordingly but do not waste it you still have to plan for the future.

Buy a house; This is the best time to get a house. Most couples will already have an idea of the number of children they want to have and the exact area they want to live in. Therefore start by getting the house and making it a house in anticipation for your future bundle of joy.

Enjoy your sex life; It goes without saying that children affect your sex life a lot. Therefore, take advantage of the “free period” and have as much sex as possible at any place you think of in the house. This is the period you explore your sexuality with each other. And also have all those sexual fantasies you have always had if they are acceptable that is.

Stay indoors and just chill; On those lazy Saturdays, just sleep in, have breakfast in bed.  Stay in your pajamas the entire day and cuddle on the couch as you watch movies. Every moment you spend together matters a lot in your bonding.

Spend time with other couples; Go on double dates and just enjoy a nice night out with other couples. These are the same people that you will transition with as you all start having children.