/5 Things To Do With Your Bridesmaid Dress After The Wedding

5 Things To Do With Your Bridesmaid Dress After The Wedding

Ever had a dress you wore as a bridesmaid and you wonder what to do with it after the wedding? Well, most people do not know what to do with the dresses they wore. As most of the dresses might not be the type you can wear again for another event. Actually, it will feel rather odd if you do. For this reason, we have prepared a list of things you can do with the dress after the wedding.


5 Things To Do With Your Bridesmaid Dress After The Wedding

Donate it; This is the most common thing people do. Someone somewhere might need it more than you do and since you have no use for it anymore, why not ensure that the less fortunate get something beautiful to wear to either their graduation or any other event they will need a dress for.


Re-sell it; Looking to make some profit or just get rid of the dress, then re-selling it is another great idea. In the end, you make some money from it instead of stashing it at the back of the closet.


Redesign it; Everything can be re-designed trust me, with a bit of imagination, you can re-design that bridesmaid dress to something you can wear again, It might be something as little as shortening the dress or changing the neck design. Any alteration made to the dress turns it into something completely different.


Re-use the fabric; I have heard of people who have reused their bridesmaid fabric and made a table cloth out of it. Well, if your dress was not that expensive you may as well reuse the fabric and make something nice like a table cloth, some cushion covers or even incorporate the fabric into another dress.


Store it; If the dress was really expensive or you just feel like you need to have it as a reminder of your friend’s wedding, then just store it. Who knows your daughter might love it and use it someday.

Do you have a bridesmaid dress and you found a way to wear it again after the wedding?

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