/Pros And Cons Of Attending Your Ex’s Wedding

Pros And Cons Of Attending Your Ex’s Wedding

Honestly, the shortest and best answer would be NO. Why would you want to torture yourself like that ? Okay, there are some ex’s out there that are actually great friends and would not want to miss the other’s special day, but let’s be real for a minute, are the emotions and the flame you felt for your ex really over? Will you be okay seeing him or her walking down the aisle to someone else’s arms? 


I am sure some of you think I am just being petty, but honestly, a wedding is something so beautiful something intimate between two individuals. The guests get to have a sneak peek of their love and see them at their best. So, you as the ex why would you want to see all that? Anyway, there are a couple of hard heads out there that will still attend an ex’s wedding despite my uncalled-for advice. If you are one of those people then let me give you a few guidelines. What to do and what not to do when it comes to attending an Ex’s wedding. For those that heed to my advice and skip the wedding, rent a movie, make popcorn and enjoy the day my love.



– Show up with a date; Do not and I repeat do not show up at an ex’s wedding without a date. If the invite does not include a plus one, just stay home it is not worth it. You need to show your ex that you have moved on even when you haven’t. Having a date ensures that you will not be lonely throughout the ceremony and you will have destruction from all the memories that might want to creep up on you when you see your ex.


Ensure you look outstanding. What’s the point of showing up at an ex’s wedding if you are not going to make them have that “wow you look good” moment or even regret leaving you, well that will be unlikely but hey a girl can hope right? Plus, weddings are a great place to meet other single people so ensure you look fabulous.


Just stay home. He/she is your ex, you dated it did not work, it is over, it is finished, goodbye, have a good life. Get my point? 


Support your ex as a friend. Breakups can be messy or mutual with no hard feelings. Some people manage to stay friends with their exes and this works quite well for them. If you are one of these outstanding human population, then attend the wedding show your ex how much you value your friendship. It might not seem much but they will really appreciate it a lot. You were part of their life for months or even years and your approval will always mean something to them.


Do not go overboard with the drinking. Drinks will be in plenty and you might find yourself taking more than you should. If you know you have some hidden feelings for your ex, drink responsibly. This will ensure that your drunk self will not end up embarrassing yourself at the wedding. We have all seen drunk ex’s that have confessed their love at the reception and made themselves look really needy.


Following these guidelines is quite simple. There is no way you can go wrong if you stick to them.