/How To Choose Your Maid Of Honor

How To Choose Your Maid Of Honor

Firstly, who is a maid of honor? The maid of honor is basically the chief bride’s maid. Her main duty is to ease the planning stress and lend a hand or opinion when needed.

This is one of the toughest decisions any bride has to face. More so if she has two or more close friends. Some brides decide to have all their close friends as maids of honor.  And while others opt not to have any since it’s hard to pick one friend from the list. Well, I do admit making this decision can be tricky but let’s see if this article will help you make the right decision.

 How To Choose Your Maid Of Honor

Go with the neutral option and chose your sister; If you are lucky enough to have a sister, then this makes your work so easy. You do not have to stress on who to pick and everyone will understand since blood is thicker than water.


The Delegate; Always pick someone who is not afraid to assign the necessary task. That can follow-up to ensure everything has been done right. She should also be someone who has no drama and can easily solve any conflicts that may occur during the planning process.


Man of honor; Well, who said the maid of honor has to be a lady? Some ladies tend to have very close friends who are male. So why not actually pick him as a man of honor? Yes, this is bound to shock so many people including the groom. It’s one of the best ways to make the entire decision-making process easy. You will not have to deal with your female friends wondering why you did not pick them since it will look like you just wanted to be unique.


Forego the main of honor; If you feel that picking a maid of honor will be hard or you might end up disappointing some people, why not just go without a maid of honor. This is not strange at all, I actually feel that it is a great idea since all the bridesmaids will feel equal and this is actually what you should aim at achieving as a bride. For your friends to feel that they all play an important in your life and that no one is above than the other.


Have more than one maid of honor; For those that have two or three very close friends and would not want to have any of them feel left out, then you can have them all as your maids of honor. The upside of this is that all the maid of honor duties will be shared among them to increase the chances of everything being done in time and being done right.


The main thing to note when trying to make the decision is that in the end, it is your wedding. You are entitled to choose whoever you want as your maid of honor. She or he should be someone you feel comfortable with and one that you can rely on.