/Facts And History About Kisumu County

Facts And History About Kisumu County

Found in the western part of Kenya is Kisumu county code 042. It is an inland port on Lake Victoria which is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Its capital is Kisumu city which is the third largest city in Kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa. The name Kisumu comes from the Luo word “Sumo” which means a place of barter trade. The County is home to the Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o.

The county has a shoreline on Lake Victoria occupying the Northern, Western and also a part of the southern shores of the Winam Gulf which is the extension of Lake Victoria from the North Eastern into Western Kenya.

 The county has seven constituencies namely; Kisumu East, Kisumu West, Kisumu Central, Muhorini, Nyakach, Nyando and Seme.

 The county’s climate is modified by the presence of Lake Victoria. It has an annual rainfall of between 1200mm and 1300mm and has two rainy seasons. The rainfall falls mainly in the afternoon during the rainy season and is characterized by loud thunderstorms. It is usually warm throughout the year with mean temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius. The humidity is relatively high throughout the year.

 According to the 2009 national census, the population of Kisumu is 968,879. The population of the county is mainly from the Luo community. It is the third largest tribe in Kenya and one of the largest tribes in East Africa. There are other tribes that occupy the county like the Luhya community. And also the Indians that came to the area during the construction of the Mombasa-Uganda railway and thereafter settled in the region. Dholuo is the dominant language but in non-domestic situations, Kiswahili and English are spoken.

 Kisumu is also widely known for fish production which is also the residence’s staple food. Prepared in a variety of ways is the fish and accompanied with some vegetables and Ugali. Prepared from maize flour and sometimes from a mix of other grains like millet, sorghum and cassava. Touted to the general high IQ levels is the high consumption of fish. And as a result, fish has become a popular delicacy to the rest of the Kenyan regions.

 Kisumu County is also quickly developing into a major tourist destination in the Western tourism circuit of Kenya.


The Popular Tourist Attractions Are;

The Kisumu Museum; Located on the Nairobi road in Kisumu. Established in 1980 was the Museum and exhibits focus on the cultural and the natural history of Western Kenya. It also features a vast collection of the local flora and fauna.

 Kit Mikiya; On the Kisumu-Bondo roads stands a large rock with three rocks on top of it this is the Kit Mikiya. The name Kit Mikiya means “first wife ” or “stones of the first wife” in the Dholuo language. It is a weeping rock. It means that the “Mikaya ” that is the “first wife” went up the hill in the stones when the husband took a second wife and has been weeping ever since.

 Hippo point; This is a 590 acre viewing area of Lake Victoria . However, Unlike its name, the area is best known as a viewing point of its unobstructed sunsets over the lake than for its occasional hippos. Located near Dunga Village which has a fishing port and a camping site. Kisumu county has one of the best sunsets in the world and the best in Kenya. With the sun sinking into the horizon over the Lake turning the water into many hues.

 Dunga beach and Wetlands; Best known for its unique eco-cultural attraction due to its bio-diversity, rich culture, diverse papyrus wetlands ecosystem and local community respectively.

 Kisumu Impala Sanctuary; It lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, gazetted in 1992. It is home to all the big five games apart from the elephant. There is also a nature trail within the sanctuary.  You can take a walk and experience the diverse flora and fauna within the sanctuary. They hold an annual Kisumu Impala Conservation Boat race event every November to help create awareness of wildlife especially the endangered Sitatunga Antelope. The sanctuary is also a key site for ecology and wildlife research and education.

 Above all, Kisumu is a great place to hold an event with the diverse culture, view of Lake Victoria and the magnificent sunset. Similarly, there are a number of venues to chose from which can all be found on our site at Ogavenue. We make your search easy and guarantee the best prices.

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