/Factors To Consider Before Booking A Hotel Or Villa In Diani Beach

Factors To Consider Before Booking A Hotel Or Villa In Diani Beach

In a few days, the April holidays will start and this means vacation especially for the Easter weekend. Most people like spending their holidays on the coast to enjoy the beach. Especially with the heat, we have been experiencing lately. What’s more fun than booking a hotel or villa in Diani beach to spend the holidays.

 There are so many options when it comes to booking accommodation at the coast from air bnb to villas and hotels. Today we look at the two last options: villa or hotel accommodations which one would you go for?

The answer to this question depends on these factors.

Space; This will be of great concern when the number of people traveling is large. For a small group space, a hotel would be suitable but for a family or people traveling in large groups, a villa is recommended for a large amount of space. Villas also have great landscapes which are an extension of the space available.


Privacy; Hotels are designed to accommodate many people at the same time who are strangers to each other. A villa, on the other hand, accommodates a group of people who are traveling together offering privacy. It can be described as ” a home away from home”.

Hotels have strict rules and regulations that one has to adhere to unlike villas where there might be some rules and regulations but not as many and not as strict as those at a hotel.


Services; Most villas, especially the luxury ones, come with a dedicated staff devoted to serving the occupants at any given time. When it comes to the hotels, room service or concierge’s desks are helpful in improving your stay.

Rates; Villa rates depend on the type of villa and its location. For people traveling as a family or in a large group renting a villa would be cost effective. And those traveling on business and not intending to stay long at the destination then booking a hotel would be ideal. Hotel rates depend on the hotel type.


From the above information, we can conclude that a villa is suitable if you;

  •  Want complete privacy
  • Want to be in a secluded area
  • Are traveling as a family or a group.
  • Want personalized service and want to deal with the same staff throughout the duration of your stay.


A hotel will be suitable if you;

  •  Need just one room.
  • Are traveling alone or with just your partner.
  • Do not mind dealing with different staff when staying in the hotel.
  • Do not mind sharing amenities and facilities with strangers in the hotel.
  • Want a 24-hour service.


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