/5 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Overrated

5 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Overrated

Well, February 14th is finally here, the day of love. I do not have anything against love, by the way. I am a sucker for love but I feel like this day is unnecessary. Yes, I am a girl and should be on the front row advocating for such days but hey maybe am not your average girl. However, I feel that everyone is obligated to their own opinion when it comes to such arguments. With that said here are five reasons I feel that Valentine’s day is overrated.


  • Couples feel obligated to do something special for their significant other. Well, people have been known to spend so much money in the name of expressing their undying love for each other on this day. Okay hold up are we not supposed to express it every single day in our relationship? Why not surprise your significant other on a random day. A day when he or she is feeling lazy in the house in their sweatpants and make the day special . No one needs to feel the pressure of doing something special on a particular day. And not just because society says he or she should. You can make him or her special on your time. Love is spontaneous and this is what makes things exciting in the relationship.


  • The day actually makes the ones not in a relationship feel unloved. Some may dispute with this and say that the day can be spent with family, friends even a pet that you love since its just a day of love and it does not mean that you need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate it. Okay I hear you but we all know that is a lie, like I said society has made it a holiday and a “special” day for couples and it feels so unfair for those that are actually not in a relationship , someone may be going through a breakup then the holiday hits dear God your child will just “die ” of a broken heart seeing all those red roses and teddy bears that are sold on the streets on this day. Would it not be fair then to have a singles day right, a day where single people celebrate being single its only fair right?


  • Its encourages stereotypical types of relationships. Lets just be real for a minute, on Valentine’s day men are expected to shower their women with gifts and romantic getaway you know in the name of love. Failure to do this, well boy you will pay dearly. You may even have to endure the silent treatment for a couple of days. I’m sorry dude but that is how things are. This day has put so much obligation on men in relationships and this should not be the case. A good woman will not expect so much on this day and why not do something special for your man instead, have him relaxed.  You know if he is a good man then he does deserve to be treated like a king the same way he treats you like a queen. All in all, we all know that this point of reasoning is just farfetched and most women will still leave the day’s burden to the men. Some women will even be expecting to get that proposal on this day, so typical. Oh well sorry, enjoy the day though.


  • It is just annoying. I am sorry to be so blunt but it is.  All the people wearing red outfits around town are just depressing. Do you just buy a red outfit and save it for the day? I honestly do not understand. Then all the street vendors selling red “things” in the streets where are these red “things” on the other days ?? Does Cupid have his army of Valentine’s elves making all these things? Do not get me started on the pictures of couples on social media. The “me and bae” type of pictures.  Get a room already the world honestly does not care who your bae is. Well, not unless she or he is someone’s bae too then that’s some tea right there.


Too much public display of affection everywhere. If you are single on this day and feel like grabbing a drink at the bar or maybe dinner somewhere cosy after work. Honey, just go home these places are usually filled with couples as well as the streets. Holding hands, stealing a kiss or two in public are the order of the day. That said enjoy Valentine’s day and someone gets me a rose already will you ( winks).

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